KB-00009 - Revised Garmin Arm Upgrade Program

Garmin Arm Mk II

Garmin Arm Upgrade Program

KB-00009  2022-07-05


Certain Garmin quarter-turn inserts may crack or break entirely causing the attached Garmin device to become loose or detached from the mount.  The quarter-turn insert is the plastic part that the Garmin device clips into.

Due to the way a Garmin Varia loads the quarter-turn insert, these inserts may fracture over time depending on the bike, riding conditions, and other environmental factors.  These inserts are typically identified by the two flat head screws used to attach the insert to the mount arm.  Our previous Mk I arms used this type of quarter-turn insert as do almost all other commercial offerings.

Mk I Arm

Upgrade Program:

Until February 2023, we are offering an upgrade to our latest model Garmin Mk II arm. Eligible customers with Mk I arms can upgrade for free or a nominal fee based on when and where the mount kit was originally purchased (See Eligibility section below).  This upgrade replaces the mount arm with a new Garmin Mk II mount arm.

The Garmin Mk II mount arm uses a standard Garmin quarter-turn insert like the one found in the stock Garmin mount and is thicker than the type previously used and those found on all other commercial offerings.

New vs old quarter turn inserts

The Mk II mount arm also uses a new support tab that reduces the strain on the quarter-turn insert itself:

Mk II vs Mk I mount arms

See this article for full details:  Garmin Arm Mk II Improvements


US customers who purchased mount kits with Garmin Mk I arms between 11/2021 and 7/2022 are eligible for this program. International customers who purchased a kit after 3/2022 are also eligible. To qualify, you must not have received any prior warranty replacement parts for the eligible mount kits or exercised any previous upgrade offer.  The cost, if any, is based on the age of the mount kit and where it was purchased.  Please refer to the cost schedule below to determine what cost, if any, is applicable:

Cost Schedule:

US Customers:

Criteria Cost Shipping
Purchased after 6/1/2022 $0.00 $0.00
Purchased between 2/1/2022 and 5/31/2022 $0.00 $3.99
Purchased between 11/1/2021 and 1/31/2022 $5.95 $3.99

International Customers*:

Criteria Cost Shipping
Purchased after 3/1/2022 $0.00 $15.99

*International customers who shipped their orders to a US shipping broker are not eligible.

Amazon Customers:

Criteria Cost Shipping
Purchased after 6/1/2022 $0.00 $0.00
Purchased between 2/1/2022 and 5/31/2022 $5.95 $3.99
Purchased between 11/1/2021 and 1/31/2022 $8.95 $3.99

Bike Shops or Reseller Customers:

Criteria Cost Shipping
Purchased between 2/1/2022 and 6/30/2022 $5.95 $3.99

How to File a Claim:

To file a claim you must follow the instructions below.  CLAIMS LACKING THE REQUIRED INFORMATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

All claims must provide an order number and include a picture of the existing mount arm in jpeg format.  If more than one mount was purchased, please include separate pictures for all affected mount arms.  Send the claim via E-mail to support@buplabs.com with the subject 'Mk II Upgrade Program'.

For direct purchases from this store:
Include the order number and the e-mail address used to place the order.  Please note any change of address.

For Amazon purchases:
Please provide the Amazon order number and the shipping address information with a phone number.  We cannot lookup historic Amazon order information because Amazon hides them from the merchants.

For purchases from bike shops or authorized resellers:
Please provide a copy of the purchase receipt and/or the address of the bike shop for warranty validation.  Alternatively, have the bike shop where you purchased the mount contact us directly, and we will mail replacement kits to them.


  • International customers who shipped through US-based shipping brokers are not eligible for an upgrade
  • If both the email address and the shipping address have changed since the original time of order, the order is not eligible for upgrade
  • Only customers who purchased an entire mount kit are eligible
  • Customers who purchased a mount using a special offer or discount are not eligible
  • Customers with previous warranty claims are not eligible but a partial discount may be available


All orders will be shipped via USPS First Class Parcel (insured) and may take up to 7 business days to receive.  International shipments may take 3-4 weeks to arrive.


Last Updated Feb, 2023

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