July 02, 2020

Using a Tether with the Garmin Varia Arm

KB-00006 2020-07-01

You would like to use a safety tether with the Garmin Varia mount arm.

You must have a fresh tether hoop to attach to the Garmin.  If you already have the tether and have attached it, you will have to remove it and the hoop cannot be reused.  If you have used both hoops provided, contact Bup Labs to acquire additional tether hoops.

First remove the mount arm from the mount.  Attach the Garmin Varia to the mount arm.

Next attach the tether hoop to the left side of the Varia below the strap slot and above the half-moon bottom.  The hoop should be fully up against the mount arm support bar.

You can now remove the Garmin Varia and reattach the mount arm to the mount.  When using the Varia, slip the band over the hoop and secure normally, then clip the tether to the hoop.  Removal of the Varia is the reverse process.

Last Updated July 1, 2020