Shipping Information

General Shipping Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below pertain to shipments inside and outside of the United States of America. International deliveries have limited destinations and additional terms. Please review the International Shipping page for more information.


Flat rate shipping is provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The rate covers shipping to approved locations with insurance for lost shipments (see details below for lost shipments and missing deliveries).  Flat rate shipping in the U.S. is $5, and $15 for international deliveries.  Orders within the U.S. that are valued greater than $100 enjoy free shipping.  International orders valued over $150 also enjoy free shipping.


Alternatives to Flat-Rate shipping are available for certain locales and regions.  Carrier shipping options and associated rates, are calculated based on the weight of the item and the size of the shipping container.  Your locale will determine the available shipping carriers and services.  To estimate the cost of shipment, add the items to your cart, then view the cart.  A general estimate will be shown based on your estimated location.  To determine the exact cost of shipping, modify the location in the cart if it is not correct, then click ‘GATHER SHIPPING RATES’. The available shipping options will be shown for your location.  We ship with USPS, UPS, and DHL.  Not all carriers may be available for your region.

If no options are present, we cannot ship to your region.


We cannot ship to post office boxes, military APO addresses, or parcel lockers.  In general, our order page will attempt to prevent orders with destinations of this type.  If your order is somehow entered with an address of this type, we will send you a note and cancel the order.


Our system will make an attempt to validate the address before the order is placed.  If the address cannot be verified you may be contacted so we can sort out the error.  See also INCORRECT ADDRESSING below.


When will I get my stuff?

We ship orders Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm ET.  Orders placed after closing will be processed the following day.  We make best efforts to package and ship items within two business days.  When selecting a shipping service (i.e., next-day), the time to receive the order will be from the time of shipment (the date the carrier takes possession), not from the date the order was placed.  If your order will be delayed from shipping for more than two days, we will contact you with the reason.

Shipping arrival time in the US is based on the location and type of service selected.  When using the fixed rate shipping option, most packages will be delivered within three (3) business days from the date of shipment.

International order arrival time can vary greatly depending on the destination.  When shipping via USPS, the carrier hands off the merchandise to the local postal service when it arrives in the destination country.  The time for the parcel to clear customs can also impact the delivery times.

The USPS quoted delivery time for international orders is 10-30 days from the date of shipment.


If you wish to change your shipment method before the order is shipped, we will need to cancel your order, and have you place a new order where you can select the new shipment type.


Our system attempts to validate the address when entered.  If the address cannot be verified, you will be prompted to correct it.  Once entered, we ship to the address given.  If the address is invalid and it is returned to us, we will contact you to determine if you’d like to attempt another shipment.  If the order is delivered to the address given, we will not be responsible for the missing delivery if the address was entered incorrectly.


If you suspect your shipment was lost, please contact us.  In general, shipments are considered lost if they are not delivered within 20-days (domestic) or 40-days (international).  At that time we will issue a full refund, or ship a replacement order based on the customer's preference.  The tracking information must show as 'in-transit' after 40-days for the shipment to be considered lost.  The 40-day period is required by the insurance carrier.

If the shipment tracking shows the package was 'delivered', the shipment is not considered lost.  Please see the terms and options for Missing Deliveries instead.


We cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of a package that was confirmed delivered.  In the unfortunate event your order tracking shows the package was delivered, but is missing, you will need to start a search to find it.  For USPS shipping, you can start the process here:  Other carrier options are dependent on the shipping carrier and region.  Flat-rate shipping is not insured against theft or loss once the shipment shows a status of 'delivered'.


If the package contents do not match the included packing slip, please contact and send us a picture of any incorrectly packaged items.  If you did not receive the quantity of items that you ordered, we will perform an audit and if necessary, refund the cost of the missing item(s) and also refund a prorated amount of shipping charges.  We do not refund portions of flat rate shipping.  If we ship a replacement item instead of issuing a refund, we do not charge for subsequent shipping fees for replacement of the missing item(s).


We do not collect taxes on any shipments outside of Maryland, USA.  Please see our international shipping page for more details related to international orders.

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