About Us

Bup Labs, LLC is a small business based in Maryland in the United States.  We cycle quite a bit and invent quite a bit, and one day decided we would marry the two.  The net result was a few designs to solve problems we encountered when switching our bikes to Di2, and trying to come up with better ways to mount accessories.  This ultimately broke into three categories:

We decided to start this store because the DIY way of doing things through Shapeways (while convenient) was not always the best way to serve people. We couldn't include instructions, help, screws, etc., and we didn't like that. So, here we are now. We are developing a bunch of new products and are always open for new suggestions. Go ahead and drop us a note using the button below, and suggest whatever you'd like to see. If we like the idea, and start to make the items, we will give you the first part for free. In many cases, we offer a beta test program too, when developing parts for a broader audience. It never hurts to ask!