Bup Labs, LLC is a small business based in Maryland in the United States.  We have been manufacturing custom bike mounts since 2012.  This store opened to the public in 2019.  We create unique custom mount designs to solve problems and address gaps we found with traditional OEM mounts.  Our primary goal is the safety of our fellow cyclists by providing greater visibility and function than standard generic mounts provide.

We manufacture all of our mounts in the US and source components and materials from US companies.  All of our products are assembled and packaged by hand.  We make a concerted effort to personally take care of each and every one of our customers.

We make custom mounts for cyclists of all types.  Some of our mounts have been sold to Tour riders and others to professional triathletes.  The experience gained from these customers help us continually improve our products.  We are always interested in suggestions for new products as well.  Go ahead and drop us a note using the Contact Us form, and suggest whatever you'd like to see. If we like the idea, and we start to make the items, we will give you the first part for free.