KB-00003 - UMS for Selle Fitment

KB-00003 - UMS for Selle Fitment

UMS for Selle Fitment

KB-00003 2019-11-15

The Universal Mount System (UMS) is too tight/loose in the Selle slot

The Selle slot is a slot available on many Selle saddles.  Unfortunately, they are not always manufactured exactly the same.  The UMS mounts are designed to fit tightly in the slot.  However, on some saddles it is so tight it might seem impossible to insert.  In other cases, it may be loose.  This article will describe how to adjust the UMS mount to overcome these situations.

Some Selle saddles use a shield of sorts around the slot opening while others do not.  This affects the range of insertion and often the slot itself is of a slightly different dimension.  This can make it very difficult to insert the UMS mount into the slot.  In other cases, it may actually be loose, although that is much more rare.

In all cases, the mount should be fully seated when properly fitted, with no gaps between the mount and the face of the slot, or the stop and the back of the slot as shown in these pictures.

This type of saddle has an extra layer of plastic around the slot.

Non-carbon ICS slot

This type of saddle has no plastic cover around the slot.

How to fix an overly tight fit

UMS mounts for Selle have two small wedges (nubs) on top of the rear of the mount.  Using a nail file, sand a small amount of the nubs away.  Test the fit, and if necessary, sand some more away until it fits tightly, but not so much you fear breaking the mount, or is overly difficult to insert and remove.

Fitment wedgesSand these nubs down to relax the tightness.

A large padded nail file works best, but even basic ones will work.

Hook the mount over the edge of a table so the arm is held flat. File a small amount away from both sides equally, and check the fitment. Go slow, and check the fitment often.  It won't take much sanding to get a good fit.  Note that filing these nubs down does NOT void your warranty.

If you have filed the nubs off completely, and it is still too tight, contact us for an RMA.

How to fix an overly loose fit

If the mount fits very loose, as though the mount would just fall out, your slot is broken or worn to the point that it can't be used with the UMS.  Contact us for an RMA in that case.

If the fit is slightly loose, but pulls out too easily, you may still be able to get the mount to work.  The mounts are designed to deal with slightly loose mounts, but this will only address looseness from front-to-back. Fixing up-and-down looseness in the slot is more difficult.  However, you can tighten the fit with a little bit of electrical tape.

Note: The pictures below are showing a Fizik ICS slot, but the process is the same with Selle saddles

To start, take a 3/4" strip of electrical tape and cut it in half (more or less).

Wrap the tape as close to the edge of the slot as possible by slipping the tape through the slot, and tacking it down from the front towards the rear.

Next, wrap it over the top, and trim it off toward the front.

Repeat this process on the other side.

Test the fit.  If it is still loose, apply one more strip in the same way.  If that doesn't cure the problem, your slot is too worn.  You can keep applying tape, but anything other than lights will probably bounce too much for it to be usable.  You can contact us for an RMA if you fall into this unfortunate situation.

Last Updated Nov 11, 2019


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