CAAD12 / SuperSix Evo Plugs Revised

CAAD12 / SuperSix Evo Plugs Revised

We've updated the kits for CAAD12 and SuperSix Evo's.  The down tube and rear chainstay plugs for the CAAD12 kits.  We also confirmed with Cannondale that these should also fit SuperSix Evo's.  The new plugs are made from multiple rubbers with the down tube plugs being slightly softer than the chainstay grommet (or plug for e-TAP).

Polypropylene bottom bracket caps are available separately in black, green, or red finishes.  Polypropylene is a softer and more impact resistant plastic.  Both materials are very tough, but Polypropylene is even more impact resistant.

We have also developed a way to produce these parts more easily, so you might notice the pricing has gone down as a result.

As always, if you already own a kit or part, and are looking to upgrade to the latest version, we offer 25% discounts to previous customers.  To get the discount, contact us so we can find the original order, and we will send a discount code to use at checkout.  The discount is limited to the quantity originally ordered.

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