Selecting mount bases and mount arms

Selecting mount bases and mount arms

What is a mount base and mount arm?

A mount base and mount arm are essential components for securely attaching and positioning various devices, such as lights, radars, and cameras. They provide stability and flexibility, allowing users to adjust the height, angle, and orientation of their devices for optimal viewing or usage.

Why is selecting the right mount base and mount arm important?

Choosing the appropriate mount base and mount arm is crucial to ensure the safety, comfort, and operation of the device. A incorrect mount configuration may lead to instability, poor function, or even damage to the device.

Consider the weight and size of your device

Before selecting a mount base and mount arm, it is essential to determine the weight and size of your device. Different mounts have weight and size limitations, and exceeding these limits can compromise stability and safety. Refer to the device's specifications or user manual to obtain accurate measurements.

Assess the mounting options

Mount bases and mount arms come in various types, such as clamp on mount bases, direct to saddle mount bases, sideways mount arms, and extended mount arms. Consider the available mounting options in your bike saddle or desired location. Ensure that the chosen mount base is compatible with the saddle and the mount arm is for the desired device and positioning required.

Adjustability and flexibility

Some mount bases and mount arms that offer a wider range of adjustability and flexibility. This allows you to position your device at the most beneficial and operational position for better operation and clearance for additional items such as saddlebags. Features like saddle position placement, and height adjustment are beneficial for achieving the desired positioning.

Consider safety management

Safety management is often overlooked but plays a significant role in protecting the connected device. Some mount arms offer built-in safety tether connections while others use our tether anchor system.  In both cases following the installation instructions ensures that tethers are neatly routed and secured, and will prevent tangling or accidental disconnection.

Check compatibility and installation requirements

Ensure that the mount base and mount arm are compatible with your device. Check the device's connection method and saddle options, which indicates the specific hole pattern for the saddle or the connector for the device attachment. Additionally, review the installation requirements to ensure you have the necessary tools and skills for proper installation.

Consider additional features

Depending on your specific needs, you may want to consider additional features such as mount extensions of additional tether anchors. These features can enhance convenience, accessibility, and security.


Choosing the right mount base and mount arm is essential for achieving optimal positioning, comfort, and operation of your device. Consider the weight and size of your device, assess the mounting options, prioritize adjustability and flexibility, check for safety management solutions, ensure compatibility, and consider additional features. By following these guidelines, you can select a mount base and mount arm that meets your specific requirements and enhances your overall user experience.

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