New Materials For Universal Mounts

New Materials For Universal Mounts

Based on customer feedback and internal testing, we have moved to a new material for our universal mounts.  The new material has a slightly rougher finish which will aid in the grip between the arms and the mount.  This will help to prevent slipping under impact loads.  It will also hide wear and tear slightly better.

Below is a picture with the previous finish, and the new finish of the updated material.  The older finish is on the left, and the new finish is on the right.

Old vs New Mount Material Comparison

While this material is more expensive for us to use, and more time intensive to produce, we are keeping the pricing the same.  We feel that customer satisfaction, and the safety of the items attached, are most important to us.

If you have already purchased one of our previous mounts, and would like one of these made in the new material, please contact us for a 30% discount code.

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