July 02, 2020

Our new Garmin Varia mount arm is a first. This revolutionary design secures the Varia, prevents twist out, and removes the load from the insert. No other mount on the market does this.

When the Varia is under load, the weight of the battery at the bottom causes it to torque on the insert which can lead to an insert failure. Furthermore, side to side action can allow for accidental releases due to the pendulum effect of the battery placement.

Bup solved the problem by bracing the Varia and transferring the torque through the entire UMS™ system. This dramatically reduces the load on the insert. This works for the longer Varia's as well as the new short 315 variety. The band secures the Varia so it cannot 'hop' and cause negative torque or chatter, and it also eliminates any accidental twist outs.

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