July 08, 2019

Voluntary Replacement Offer



If you purchased one of our original mounts for fi'zi:k saddles, an early Gen 5 mount, or an early Garmin arm for UMS. These items may be eligible for a free replacement.


  1. Original mount materials can become brittle and break.
  2. Early Garmin arms can fatigue and crack.


  1. The original mounts were made from a polymer that can become brittle over time and fail. Newer mounts made after November 2018 are made with a different material that is not affected.
  2. Under certain conditions, early Garmin arms can fatigue and crack above the screw line. Later Garmin arms were made thicker and/or have a reinforced rib to prevent induced failure.


Reason for this offer:
We are a proactive company and are constantly reviewing our products. We take customer feedback very seriously. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

We have refined our products extensively since going to market in mid-2018. Some of these changes are a result of customer reported failures or ongoing testing that revealed areas for improvement. We perform extensive analysis of our parts, using both simulation and real-world tests. This results in changes to mitigate the cause of a failure or the potential for failures. Even though we have had only a handful of reported failures, we have decided to go the extra mile, and offer a free replacements for parts we suspect may be succeptable to failure.

Original Mount Replacement:

If you purchased your mount prior to December 2018, you may be eligible for a free replacement. You must have one of the original mounts shown below.

If you own an early Gen 5 mount, you may also be eligable for a free replacement. Later Gen 5 mounts use a different material and are not affected. Early Gen 5 mounts have a silky smooth finish (left image below) while later Gen 5 mounts have a slightly rough or sandy finish (right image below). Only the early Gen 5 mounts are affected.

You will be eligible to receive a replacement for the number originally purchased. Any Garmin arm purchased at the same time will also be replaced with the current standard Garmin arm.

NOTE: You must retain your original quarter turn cup (the part screwed into the arm). Only the replacement arm will be sent.

Garmin Mount Arm for UMS™ Replacement:

Owners of specific versions of Garmin Arm for UMS™ or Garmin Short Arm for UMS™, are eligible for a free replacement arm  or safety tether. To determine if your arm is affected, remove the quarter turn cup (the part screwed into the arm) to investigate the version of the arm.

For the Garmin Short Arm for UMS, if there is no number (v1) in the top right, it qualifies for a free replacement. Versions 2 and 3 are unaffected and are covered by our 1-year warranty.

NOTE: You must retain your original quarter turn cup (the part screwed into the arm). Only the replacement arm will be sent.

For the standard Garmin Arm for UMS, if the number is blank , 1, or 2 it qualifies for a free replacement. You can also identify the covered Garmin arms by the size of the relief hole on the side of the neck:

How to File a Claim:

Original Mount Claim

To request a replacement, you must provide a clear and close picture of the original mount and Garmin arm. Send the images and request to support@buplabs.com with the subject 'Original Mount Replacement'.

Garmin Mount Arm Claim

To request a replacement, you must provide a clear and close picture of the Garmin arm interior which shows the version number (or lack thereof). Send the images and a request to support@buplabs.com with the subject 'Garmin Mount Arm Replacement'.

Charges for Replacements

US customers will receive the replacements free of charge.

International customers will need to pay a flat rate shipping fee of $10 US to obtain the replacement items. Note that some countries may also charge tariffs or other duties upon receipt.

All items will be shipped via USPS First Class. US customers will receive their items within 3-business days after shipment. International customers should expect a 1-3 week delivery time after shipment.


We reserve the right to deny the claim if the required information is not provided, the original order cannot be verified, or replacement items were sent previously.