New Universal Mount Systems released!

New Universal  Mount Systems released!

After a very long time, and a lot of work, we are happy to announce five new universal mounts have been added to the UMS™ family.

UMS Cigno

UMS Cigno™ (Swan), a seat post clamp-on mount featuring an optional secondary mount point, and yes there are multiple saddlebag attachments as well.


UMS Oca™ (Goose), a saddle rail clamp-on mount which also features an optional secondary mount point.  There are saddlebag options as well.

UMS Anatra

UMS Anatra™ (Duck), a saddle rail clamp-on mount, that attaches to the upper part of the saddle rails, which leaves the bottom part of the rails open for other options like strap-on saddlebags.

Also shipping soon are new UMS Mounts for Selle® and Specialized® saddles

UMS for Selle

The UMS for Selle™ mount uses the built in slot found on many Selle saddles.  While similar to the Fizik ICS slot, the Selle slot is slightly different.

UMS for Specialized SWAT

The UMS for Specialized SWAT™ saddles, mounts directly to the SWAT mount points found on Specialized saddles equipped with this interface.  All necessary hardware is included.

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