Locknut conversion kit


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Replaces the standard 20mm screw, lock washer, and nut used in the mount arm connection with a 22mm screw, flat washer, and locknut.  This obviates the need to use threadlocker but is more difficult to assemble.

To replace the existing nut, thread the existing screw in from the nut side and wiggle it out while holding the slotted tab the nut is inserted into.  After removal, connect a GoPro extension to the mount (no screw needed, just place it).  Apply a drop of super glue to the nut opening and place the locknut into the nut hole with the nylon ring facing outwards.  Press the nut into the hole by placing it on a hard surface and pressing the opposite side of the mount connection to force the nut into the hole.  Remove the GoPro extension and connect the mount arm or device normally.  If the screw has a rough feel while threading, remove the screw and ensure the nut is inserted straight to prevent cross-threading the screw.