Anatra™ Universal Saddle Mount Base (ST)

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Complete kits are also available.

This is our newest 6th Generation universal mount option designed to adapt to most saddle rails (see details below for fit).  This mount attaches to the rear part of the saddle rails to provide excellent clearance for saddle bags and other accessories (we originally invented this mounting position).  This mount uses our latest Shark Tooth (ST) connector to easily connect various ST mount arms that will not slip or move under loading.  Using the appropriate mount arm, it is designed to securely position a Bryton radar, Garmin Varia radar, Magene radar, GoPro or similar camera or light for optimal visibility and operation.

Made in USA

Compatibility Features
  • Lightweight (38g) and aerodynamic
  • Anti-slip pads prevent movement on the rails
  • Carbon fiber safe contact pads - no metal digging into your rails
  • Securely attached - cannot be removed without tools
  • Fully adjustable device mount arm positioning with a non-slip interface
  • Places most devices ~75 mm (3 in) from the clamp point without extensions
  • Extend the mount with optional extensions
  • Uses nylon patch screws to prevent loosening
  • Made from tough bioplastic

Saddle Compatibility

To check your saddle's compatibility with the Anatra, measure the width between the rails.  The width must be between 32 mm (1-1/4") on the inside, and 75 mm (~3") on the outside.  The rails can be round or oval and must be between 6.5 and 10 mm thick.  You must have approximately 25 to 35 mm (1" - 1.5") of clearance between the mount point and the bottom of the saddle.  The back center top of the saddle must be clear of obstructions in this area (such as large logo plates - we are looking at you Selle...  :).
Usage rating 

This mount is intended for use with bicycles used on paved or relatively smooth unpaved surfaces. Our mounts can be used with electric bikes up to class 3. ASTM International standard F2043-13.


BUP Shark Tooth (ST)

What makes the Shark Tooth design different?

  • ST Mounts use toothed connections to prevent slipping.
  • Connections are very rugged and more than 3x thicker than GoPro type connections.
  • Very easy to assemble using the provided thread locking screws.
  • Eliminates the variations in GoPro like slot fitments for a more secure connection.

|---- Space ----|

  • Our mounts move the device down and rearward to increase spacing.
  • Bup mount positioning creates more leg over clearance for easier mounts and dismounts.
  • Leaves more than enough room for most small/medium and even some large bags.
  • Optional extensions can provide even more space when needed!

Safety is not an afterthought

  • Safety band prevents twist out release from impacts, aggressive riding, opportunistic theft, and accidents.
  • Safety bands will not interfere with, or mute, radar range or operation.
  • New elastic safety tethers are thin and exactly the same as the Garmin OEM computer tether.
  • Heavy duty safety tethers are provided with kits for heavier devices such as a GoPro or Garmin Varia RCT715.

Shark Tooth Grip

One huge benefit of the new Shark tooth design is preventing device rotation. Standard action camera connectors typically suffer from rotation under loading which requires overtightening the screw to overcome the rotation. Overtightening can eventually lead to damage or failure.

ST mounts use just one thread locking screw for easy assembly. Just tighten normally and it is locked in place. Easy peasy.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Radar and a GOOD camera? Yes please! Extra room for big saddle bags? Yes please! Pick one or the other? Nope! Bup horizontal mount arms provide a huge amount of space below the saddle AND the option to run two devices at once!



Besides being able to use all major brands of radars, our ST mount arms can be converted from one brand's radar to another. Switching between Garmin Varia and Magene require nothing more than unscrewing the insert and moving a few plugs. Conversion from Garmin or Magene to Bryton (or vice versa) is almost as easy with an extra insert (sold separately).



Our mounts bases and arms are 3D printed with state-of the-art bioplastic materials using the most technologically advanced machines in the world. Even small injection molded items, such as the quarter-turn inserts, are top-of-the-line and as good or better than the OEM part.

Image: Cutaway of Bup quarter-turn insert on the left compared to the common import mount variety on the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mounts are made from a new state-of-the-art material called bio-plastic that is derived from plants instead of petroleum. It is stronger than traditional plastic and able to withstand repeated impacts better. Some components are made from injection molded plastic or steel.

We source all raw materials, manufacture the primary components, assemble, and package the products in the United States. Some accessory items or minor components are imported (noted in the product details).

We currently ship within the U.S., most U.S. territories, and Canada. Please see the international shipping page for more details.

All BUP mounts are manufactured and hand assembled in the USA

Patent # US D902,014 S, D893,285 S

The Garmin Varia, Bryton radar, Magene radar, GoPro, saddle bag, and saddle are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.

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