We are very happy that you have found us and decided to use our parts. We make every effort to provide accurate and complete information to guide your purchase and use of our products.  We CANNOT be held responsible for any issues that may arise regarding compatibility that is not stated, fit due to original bike manufacturer defects and variations, installation, typographic errors, misinterpretations, etc. Parts with legitimate manufacturer defects can be exchanged for the same item (see Warranty). This does not apply to improperly installed parts, parts damaged due to neglect, or other uses other than the intended use as defined by the Bup Labs, LLC. 

Our tech drawings, explanations, part numbers, specs, and other information are created as accurately as possible. We will not be liable for any minor mistakes or misinterpretation of the available information.

We will provide limited installation and troubleshooting support on a best effort basis.  It should be understoof that once you begin modifications or installations, you accept responsibility to anything that may happen to your bike or the parts acquired from us.  Accidental damage as a result of improper installation is not covered by any warranty from Bup Labs, LLC.



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