UMS™ Mount Arms

About UMS™ Arms and Adapters

We offer a variety of arms, adapters, and extensions to mount lights and accessories in highly visible locations on the bike.  The modular nature of the extensions and adapters allow for a great degree of customization.  All mount arms require a UMS™ mount of some type to attach the arm to.  Extensions may or may not be necessary depending on your application.

Estimating The Best Fit

Use the Sizing Template to cut out each mount and arm of interest.  Next, hold the cutouts up to the mount position on the bike to accurately estimate where the mount point will be positioned.  Cut out extensions and tape them to the mount and arm cutouts as needed.  This will help you easily determine how mounted accessory will be positioned.

Sizing Helper Graphic

New Sizing Helper

We created a new sizing template to assist with the selection of mounts, extensions, and arms.  Use it to estimate the positioning of components.

Sizing Template KB Article