UMS Mount Arms

Mount Arms for the Bup™ Universal Mount System™


We offer a variety of arms, adapters, and extensions to help you achieve a proper fit for your application. Most mounts are less likely to need an extension, but your application may vary.  Take note of the sizes and relative position of the mount location to determine if an adapter or extension is needed.  The modular nature of the extensions and adapters allow for a great degree of customization.  You can also use the mount spacer and right angle adapter to connect standard GoPro connectors.

Extension and Adapter Tips

While you can stack a lot of extensions together horizontally, you should try and keep the distance as short as possible.  The heavier the item gets, the higher the risk of slipping under load. In general, keeping the weight below 5 oz is recommended to prevent slippage.  For example, a GoPro puts a 5-10 lb load on the mount when jumping off a curb.   If an extension is used, and the GoPro is not resting against a saddlebag, it will probably slip.  A GoPro mount (made by GoPro), will only handle about 5-6 lbs of load before slipping.  Using our supplied screws (as opposed to thumb screws) allow for 6-12 lbs of load before slipping.

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