UMS™ for Selle Saddles


The UMS™ (Universal Mount System™) for Selle® saddles is used to mount UMS™ accessories directly to the built in accessory slot in many Selle saddles.  The Selle slots are slightly deeper and narrower than the Fizik ICS slots.  This mount is specifically designed to deal with the variations in the Selle slot design.

Mount arms are sold separately

UMS mount arms are used to attach a number of different devices, such as Garmin radar lights.  This keeps the light or camera up as high as possible; providing better visibility for oncoming traffic, radar operation, or for camera recording.

The mount arms are positioned 40 mm (1.5 in.) from the ICS mount face on the saddle.  Use the sizing helper template to determine your personal fit with saddlebags and other accessories.

Note:  Do not exceed 35 mm of extensions with this mount.  Depending on the accessory, this can put too much load on the saddle slot and the UMS mount.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your Selle saddle must have an integrated accessory slot as shown in the pictures.

Weight: 16g (including hardware)

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