UMS™ for Fizik Saddles


The UMS™ (Universal Mount System™) for f'izi:k is used to mount UMS™ accessories directly to the built in accessory slot in f'izi:k saddles.  We offer two types: a clip in type, and a secure type.  The secure type can't be removed without a tool.  The clip-in type offers greater convenience.  Both will hold accessories equally well.

UMS mount arms are used to attach any number of different devices, such as Garmin radar lights or GoPro cameras.  This keeps the light or camera up as high as possible; providing better visibility for oncoming traffic, radar operation, or for camera recording.

The accessory arms are positioned 40 mm (1.5 in.) from the ICS mount face on the saddle.  This provides clearance with most small saddlebags.  Use this measurement to gauge whether you will need a 25 mm or 35 mm extensions or not, for your particular application.

Please ensure compatibility with your saddle prior to ordering. In general, the UMS for Fizik will work with any Fizik ICS slot that is open. See our KB article for more information.

Weight 15g

Installation (Secure Type)

1) Remove the f'iz:ik name plate and unscrew the stop. 2) Insert the mount and reattach the stop. 3) Mount the desired arm and go.

Adjusting the fit

Based on feedback, we designed these mounts to be tighter than before. On some carbon-frame saddles they may be too tight. See this KB article that describes how to adjust the fit.

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New Sizing Helper

We created a new sizing template to assist with the selection of mounts, extensions, and arms.  Use it to estimate the positioning of components.

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