Safety Tether v2 for Garmin Varia, Lights, and Cameras


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This safety tether provides backup security for your attached device.

This tether kit will keep a device attached to the bike if it is somehow disconnected from your mount while riding.  The device is attached by using a stick-on anchor and aluminum clip attached to a quiet paracord cable.  The kit includes the cable, two anchors, and alcohol swabs for cleaning the device prior to anchor attachment.

Works perfectly with Garmin Varia, GoPro cameras or like accessories and will handle ~40 lbs of force before separating.  It uses a slip knot for a tight secure connection to just about any location on the saddle or saddlebag.

The tether is intended for parts weighing less than 130 grams (1/4 lb., i.e., a GoPro 2).

Weight: 6 g (including anchor)