mounts for fi'zi:k

Refined, clean, and strong mounts

Our new mounts use a 4 mm screw, Shapeways mounts use a 3 mm screw

New and improved

Our newest mounts use a stronger connection to the mount arm but are not compatible with our older Shapeways arms.  If you don't already own the original arms and accessories, these mounts are the recommended ones for your fi'zi:k saddle.

When selecting arms or accessories, choose the 4 mm option which refers to the size of the screw that holds the arms on.

Have a bunch of original Shapeways mount arms already?  We sell a 3 mm variant in the new design that will work with the original arms.  If you have the original fi'zi:k mount we also offer compatible 3 mm arm variants.

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Arms for sale

We offer accessory arms that connect a wide variety of 3rd party products, from Garmin to GoPro and more.  When choosing an arm, keep in mind that a fi'zi:k acccessory mount is not intended to bear a lot of weight.  A standard GoPro hero is about the acceptable limit.  If you need more, consider using one of our Hydra mounts instead.

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