International and APO Shipping Notice

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for International and APO Shipping Destinations!

Bup Labs has temporarily stopped shipping outside of the United States, U.S. Territories, and Canada due to several factors.  First and foremost, the shipping charges are currently unreasonable.  Second, taxes and 3rd party broker fees can add another $10-30 US to the final delivery charge.  All of this is outside of our control.

Not only are these charges absurd, the cost to support our customers is not sustainable due to these shipping charges.  Something as simple as breaking a part or missing a screw becomes an ordeal to resolve.  As a result, we can't support our customers the way we want to, and would rather not sell the mount than leave our customers without support.

Some overseas customers still order through various online shipping brokers, but as described above, we cannot support replacement parts or warranty claims when the replacement part shipping destination is outside of the currently supported regions.

Currently supported international countries and shipping terms:

International APO addresses

APO shipping is not considered international even if it ships overseas.  Please see our domestic shipping page for more details. 

Freight Forwarders, and Shipping Brokers

Freight forwarders and shipping brokers may be used for international shipping.  However, the product warranty will be honored only for the currently supported shipping locations at the time of order.  Delivery times are estimated to the US shipping broker or freight forwarder only.  Replacement parts, missing items, and other order remedies may only be sent to the original US shipping broker shipping address.

International Resellers

Bike dealers, local bike shops, and authorized resellers may be exempt from this policy.  Please contact for more information if you do not already have an agreement in place with us to see if you qualify for bulk ordering.