Help us help you! Bup Tester Program

With Bup Labs new test cyclist program you can be part of our part development efforts.  This innovative program puts our newest designs in your hands for a fraction of the normal cost.  You will be directly involved in making better solutions for your fellow cyclists.

What is the test cyclist program?

Bup creates new designs quite often.  These designs need real-world testing.  Bup would like to broaden the testing scope and expand the tester base to develop better products with a wider range of cyclist usage feedback.

What is in it for you?

You will get the newest designs for a fraction of the normal prices.  You will also help your fellow cyclists by your involvement and feedback into the development cycle of these products.

What is in it for us?

We get widespread real use feedback on the operation and durability of our designs.  This greatly increases our test data variability and helps us create better designs while simultaneously minimizing long term risks.

Who can participate?

This offer is limited to US residents only.  Any cyclist can participate but we will not allow distributors or companies to participate.  We want real cyclists to be our testers.  Orders to non-residential addresses will not be accepted.

Are there any special terms?

There are several restrictions and requirements:

  • Feedback is required (see Feedback requirements)
  • The order limit is one product part per customer
  • NO WARRANTY is provided for test products
  • Buyer assumes all risks with the use of these parts
  • Bup Labs assumes no liability whatsoever

We will not release a design we have not internally tested, but unforeseen usage can result in unpredictable results.  This is the point of the test program.

What products can I test?

A list of the products available for testing will sent to the participants of the program as we produce them.

How can I order them?

You follow the notification link to state your interest, then order the products like any of our other products through our online store.

Can I return test parts?

No.  All test part sales are final.  Any non-test parts ordered at the same time are covered by our standard terms for returns.

Do they have to be returned?

No, they are yours to keep.

Why did my order get canceled?

We reserve the right to cancel any order for test products, for any reason, and with no explanation.  Any related money paid is immediately refunded using the original payment method.

How long will this offer run?

We make small quantities of test parts.  When test products are available, we will post them for purchase for testing.  There is no preset duration for the program or a given test.

How are these different from regular parts?

Test parts may use different manufacturing methods or materials from the production parts.  The designs are usually an iteration of existing designs but could be something completely new.  Production parts come with a warranty, test parts do not.

Can I share information about the program or product?

Absolutely.  Unless you are under an NDA with us, you can post and share information about the new products.

Feedback requirements?

To be a tester we require feedback.  To enforce this, we sell the product at a given reduced price and credit 50% of the price paid upon receiving the required feedback.

To participate and receive the credit, Bup requires the following information:

  • What kind of bike(s) did you use? (brand, model, and tire size)
  • Did the part function to your expectation?
  • What do you think of the aesthetics?
  • What could we improve?
  • What were the riding conditions (road, trail, other)
  • What were the environmental conditions?
    1. Temperature
    2. Weather (raining, clear, etc.)
  • What device were you using (i.e., GoPro Hero 2, Garmin Varia)? Be specific
  • How many rides? (minimum 5 for feedback)

How can I get more information about the program?

Send an E-mail to with the subject Test Cyclist Program.