About the Universal Mount System™ (UMS™) v2

The Universal Mount System™ or UMS™ is a standard mounting platform that uses interchangeable arms to mount various sorts of accessories. The goal of the system is to increase safety by placing the light, radar, or camera up as high as possible to provide a stable platform for increased performance of the accessory.

Features of the Universal Mount System™ v2

The UMS uses teeth to engage the arms and mount. This prevents slipping and unifies the mount and arm so all loads are transferred through the entire system including the mounting point.
UMS v2 teeth
UMS mounts are uniquely designed for each application. Our designs are purpose built for manufacturer direct saddle options and clamp on solutions that are sensitive to carbon rails and seatposts requirements.
Some UMS mount options support multiple mount points that enables combining devices on the same mount. These mounts also have saddlebag options which lower the rear of the bag making it more streamlined with the wind.

Assembling a System for Your Bike™

Step 1.

To start, you must select a mount of some type - clamp on, direct, etc. We have mounts for just about every application.

Step 2.

Select a mount arm for your particular device. We make mount arms for the most popular devices. If you don't see one you need, contact us and we might consider manufacturing them. If we do, you will get a steeply discounted one.

Step 3.

Add additional accessories or extensions to custom fit your application.


We offer the most popular combinations in bundles too. You can combine these with additional accessories for your particular need.

New UMS v2 Mounts

We have improved the Universal Mount System™ interface to make it easier to install and remove the mount arms.