Safety Tether


This safety tether provides additional security for your attached devices.  It will keep a device attached to the bike if it is somehow disconnected from the mount while riding.  It uses a stick-on hoop that uses 3M permanent adhesive.  The tether is made from a 2mm thick plastic coated steel cable and uses an aluminum clip to attach the hoop to the cable.  This allows for easy removal of the attached item.

Make sure the area is clean before attaching the hoop by cleaning the attachment area with rubbing alcohol (included).

This tether is intended for parts weighing less than 80 grams (i.e., Garmin radar lights).  While it may work for heavier items, the contact patch of the hoop is likely to detach if the item is too heavy.

Includes: one (1) tether cable with clip, two (2) hoops so you can easily change between multiple devices, and two (2) alcohol pads.

Weight: 12g (including hoop)

Collections: UMS™ Mount Arms

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