UMS Anatra™ Universal Mount


The UMS Anatra™ mount is a unique solution for cleanly and securely mounting radars, lights or cameras to your bike.  It can hold a variety of different types of accessories while not taking up any room on the seat post or the lower part of the saddle rails.  The mount arm is adjustable and can be raised or lowered.

This mount will work with any standard width saddle rail that is between 6 mm and 10 mm thick. It is positioned on the back part of the saddle rail, not the lower part.  The mount fits rails between 42 - 56 mm wide.  It is non-metallic and safe for carbon rails.

Mount arms are sold separately

Weight: 44g

Saddle Compatibility

To check your saddles compatibility with the Anatra, use our template or measure the width between the rails.  The width must be between 42-56 mm (1-5/8" to 2-1/4") on any part of the rail.  The rails themselves must be between 6-10 mm thick (most are).

Out of Stock Items

Due to an overwhelming demand, some items are now sold out. We are working hard to produce the next batch of these items.

UPDATED: October 18th

We are experiencing unanticipated delays with some raw materials and are now forecasting restocks on or around Oct. 27th-28th.