Secure Universal Mount for Fizik Saddles


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This fifth generation universal mount is used to mount accessories directly to f'iz:ik saddles.  We now offer two types, a clip in type, and a secure type.  This is the secure type in that it can't be removed without a tool.  This prevents someone from casually un-clipping your mount and walking off with it.

The universal mount uses f'iz:ik's built-in slot to provide a generic mount point.  Mount arms can be added to attach any number of different devices, such as Garmin radar lights or GoPro cameras.  This keeps the light or camera up high providing better visibility for oncoming traffic or for camera recording.

The new mount is designed to deal with the variations found in Fizik saddles, especially the carbon models.

Important Note:
This mount is not compatible with the original Shapeways DIY arms.  When shopping for a mount arms, select the standard ones, not the 3 mm Shapeways compatible ones.

Weight 15g

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What's New


1) Remove the f'iz:ik name plate and unscrew the stop. 2) Insert the mount and reattach the stop. 3) Mount the desired arm and go.

Shapeways Compatibility

This mount is our newest f'iz:ik universal mount; however, it is not compatible with the original Shapeways DIY arms, or the Shapeways variant arms offered here.



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