fI'zi:k® Compatible Mounts

Bup™ Universal Mount System™ (UMS™) for F'iz:ik® Saddles

f'iz:ik® saddles offer a wonderful accessory slot attachment that seems to be woefully underutilized.  We saw the need years ago and began prototyping various ways to mount lights to it.  Eventually we designed our first universal mounts and offered them for sale as a DIY part on Shapeways.  We continued with that effort, and can now offer even better mounts for f'iz:ik saddles.

Introducing Our 5th Generation Mount

Our new mount has been improved in a number of ways, and we now offer both a secure screw attached mount, and a convenient clip-in mount.  We have made the mount thinner and more streamlined, and also made if slightly lighter and more durable.  The 5th generation mounts are also slightly longer, to accomodate small saddle bags without requiring the extension.

How The System Works

Mounts for f'iz:ik® Saddles