Di2-eTAP Conversion Accessories

Conversion Accessories for a Clean Finish

Bup accessories for Di2 and e-Tap conversions include battery holders for non-Di2 specific seat posts, and plugs to close up holes left over after removing the shift cables.

Our unique battery holder allow you to use a standard seat post with an internal Shimano Di2 battery confidently.  Using tape or other fudge remedies is just silly when spending hundreds, if not thousands on a bike build.  Not only are they not secure, they can lead to damage or worse.  Your bike deserves better.

Our frame plugs and bottom bracket caps, keeps water and gunk away from sensitive junctions and lubricated parts.  Sure you can use tape (or just leave the hole), but seriously why would you do that if you had a better option?

Cannondale CAAD12 Plugs and Covers

Currently we offer Di2 and eTAP Conversion kits for Cannondale CAAD12 bikes. We also offer Di2 battery holders for a variety of non-Di2 specific seat posts.

Need Plugs and Covers for Another Bike?

We offer Di2 and eTAP Conversion kits for Cannondale CAAD12 bikes because that's what we started with (and it's very popular). If you'd like to see a kit for a different bike, please contact us, and we will see if it's possible to develop a new kit for it.

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