Fizik Gen 7 Mount for Garmin Varia


Mount your Garmin Varia light or GoPro compatible device to your Fizik ICS equipped saddle where it is the most visible, and where it won't interfere with your saddlebag!

This is our new 7th Generation direct mount option for Fizik ICS equipped saddles (see pictures).  The mount is designed to securely position a Garmin Varia or camera for optimal visibility and operation.


Made in USA

Compatibility Features
  • Fizik saddles with an ICS accessory slot
  • Garmin Varia RTL500. RTL510, RTL515, RVR315, Garmin Varia Rearview
  • GoPro compatible cameras weighing up to 150g (1/3 lb)
  • Lightweight (32g) and aerodynamic
  • Securely attached - cannot be removed without tools
  • Mounts the Varia ~25 mm (~1 in) from the mounting screws
  • Extend the mount point with common GoPro extensions
  • Rubber ring prevents Varia twist out from side-to-side motion
  • Uses locknuts and nylon patch screws to prevent loosening
  • Included v2 safety tether ensures your device stays with your bike
  • Compatible with standard GoPro straight extensions (optional)


Usage rating 

This mount is intended for use with bicycles used on paved or relatively smooth unpaved surfaces. Our mounts can be used with electric bikes up to class 3. ASTM International standard F2043-13.

7th Generation Improvements

Based on user feedback we moved the mount point back towards the saddle and lowered it by 25 mm (1 in). This increases the leg over clearance and makes it less likely to catch the mount when mounting and dismounting the bike. Gen 3 vs Gen 2 positioning
Nyloc screws and locknuts Based on community feedback, we replaced the lock screw with a Nyloc screw with built in threadlocker. We also replaced the neck nut with a locknut. All screws are now heavier cap head screws making them much harder to strip and easier to tighten. These changes eliminate the need for messy threadlockers while preventing screw loosening.
The new Garmin arm paired with the Fizik mount moves the center of gravity below the rotational point. This means the Varia applies less torque on the quarter-turn insert and will be less likely to rotate under heavy impacts. Garmin arm CG changes

Saddle Compatibility

This mount is compatible with saddles that have a compatible built in ICS slot. If your saddle does not have this, this mount will not work. Use an Anatra mount instead.  Not all ICS slots will work, some are closed-back - check the compatibility article for details.
Fizik ICS slots required

All BUP mounts are manufactured and hand assembled in the USA

Patent # US D902,014 S, D893,285 S

The Garmin Varia, GoPro, saddle bag, and saddle are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.

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