Universal Mount System™ Version 2

Universal Mount System™ Version 2

August 10, 2020

About the Universal Mount System™ (UMS™) version 2

The UMS is a standard interface used across all Bup mounts that is used to attach accessories to the mounts.  Beginning in August 2020, the UMS specification will be upgraded to version 2.  The new version is not directly compatible with the original UMS.

Why we made the change

We changed the mount to make it easier to connect the arms to the mount.  While the UMS v1 works perfectly well, even slight variations in the manufactured dimensions can make the mount difficult to assemble.  The new version is easier to assemble while still boasting the solid connection that Bup mounts are known for.

What the change looks like

Below is an example of how the arms are attached.  The new version 2 (left) bolts in from the side like many other popular accessories.  The original version 1 (right) was pressed in from the front until it engaged both sets of teeth.


Is anything else different between UMS v1 and v2?

The teeth on the new version are twice as deep as the original version.  Because they are not forced into place with high friction, they will wear longer and provide a better grip.

The v2 UMS uses lock nuts that are attached to the arms that will make assembly easier, and prevent the mount screw from loosening due to vibrations.

Should I upgrade my mounts and arms to v2 if I have v1?

The UMS version 1 is perfectly fine.  There is no need to change to version 2 unless you want this particular ease of assembly feature.  If you already have a large number of mounts and arms, see the note below to avoid unnecessary expense.

Other than the UMS, have the mount designs changed?

The mounts have been modified to accommodate the new UMS v2 design.  The overall width of the UMS v2 is slightly narrower.  All mounts are generally the same in terms of size, fit, and function.

If I buy a new mount, do I have to buy all of my mount arms again?

No, we made inexpensive adapters to allow backward compatibility.  Adapters are available that allow the use of v1 arms on v2 mounts, and v2 arms with v1 mounts.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact support@buplabs.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

New UMS v2 Mounts

We have improved the Universal Mount System™ interface to make it easier to install and remove the mount arms.