Manufacturer Warranty Extended to 1-Year!

Manufacturer Warranty Extended to 1-Year!

July 01, 2019

We are so confident in our products and materials that we are quadrupling our warranty from 90-days to 1-year!  All new product sales will be covered by a full 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Our manufacturing changes, design updates, and product testing improvements, have allowed us to ensure the products meet our high standards.

Jig used to test mount arms for Garmin devicesLoading the mount arm for Garmin to 50 lbs.

We subject all parts to 10-30 G's (g-force) of strain to simulate extreme loads.  We also use low-tech tests such as baking them in the sun to see how they hold up to UV exposure, hit them with hammers, tumble them for hours mixed with heavy rocks, and we yank and pull on them with jigs to find weak points.  In short, we torture all of our designs extensively before we make them available for sale.  We also ride with them on our bikes as much as possible.  :)

If you missed the other blog post, we have also added a safety tether just in case a rare failure or crash occurs for added piece of mind.  All told, we are doing everything we can to protect the devices you attach to our mounts.

Safety tether attached to Garmin

New UMS v2 Mounts

We have improved the Universal Mount System™ interface to make it easier to install and remove the mount arms.