August 10, 2020

Beginning in August 2020, we are changing the way we fulfill orders.  Simply put, we will start to allow customers to backorder products when they are out of stock.

Why are we changing order fulfillment?

1) Fulfillment was unfair to some customers
Previously, when we sent notifications that a product was back in stock, a wave of orders would wipe out the inventory before some customers in different time zones got the notice.  By moving to a First-In-First-Out model, we can ensure that all customers are treated equally.

2) Demand-based manufacturing

Bup Labs is a manufacturer of custom made products.  In order to better serve our customers, we are moving to demand-based manufacturing.  This will mean a shorter average fulfillment time for all of our customers.

Which products are affected?

All of our products are affected by this change, but only current products can be backordered.  Outgoing, discontinued, or previous models may be limited to available inventory.

How are products backordered?

Under the product price, a stock status is shown with a shipping lead time.  If the product is in stock, the Add To Cart button will be shown.  If the item is out of stock, the Backorder button will be shown.  If the item is out of stock and cannot be backordered, an Out of Stock message will be shown instead of a button.

How long does it take to fulfill a backorder?

The estimated shipping lead time will be shown when products are out of stock.  In general, we estimate an average of a 1 to 2 week shipping lead time to fulfill most backorders.  If there will be an extended delay in fulfillment, the customer will be notified.

Is it possible to ship the items that are in stock separately?

Flat rate shipping is for the single order.  To split the order into in-stock and backordered items, the orders must be placed separately.

Do I get charged when placing a backorder?

Yes, the order is charged when placed.

What happens if the part I have on backorder is discontinued or a new model comes out while I am waiting?

If we develop a new product to replace the backordered item, we will send a notice offering the original product ordered or the new model.

Can I cancel a backorder?

Yes.  Contact and we will cancel the backorder and refund the payment to the original payment method.

Can I increase the quantity I have on backorder before it is fulfilled?

No.  A separate order must be placed to ensure that nobody can skip the line and take away inventory from another customer.  If this is not cost effective (i.e. an international order), the original order can be canceled and a new order placed with the desired quantity.

Additional questions or comments?

Contact with any feedback or additional questions.